Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yomiuri Giants Baseball

I went to a Yomiuri Giants baseball game on Thursday Night. It was a great time. The fans are NUTS! When their team is up to bat they sing and chant cheers. They play trumphets and drums. They all wear team jerseys, head bands, and hit plastic bats together. When the visiting team is up to bat the home team sits there quitely and the visiting team does cheers. All the fans stay to the end of the game. The score was 9-0 in favor of the Giants but the fans from both teams stayed a cheered until both teams had left the field. I never heard them question an officials call. They were very respectful but had a GREAT time. It cost 2,300 Yen to go to the game and 320 yen to take the subway to get there. Guess what I ate at the game?


Anonymous said...

"Go GAINTS"!!!!! Are those like the Gaints in the NFL??? :)

Anonymous said...

I would guess noodles. Not quite popcorn or peanuts, but probably more filling.