Saturday, October 07, 2006


You know that I couldn't go to Japan without checking out the bikes! Here I am at the Tokyo Harley Davidson Store. It is very small and just like the United States - very expensive! There are many great bikes in Tokyo. Naturally they are all Japanese bikes but I did see two Harleys. They like to customize their bikes just like us.

Here are two cool bikes. One is riden by a policeman. He was happy to pose for the picture. The other biker stopped along side the road and we tried to talk about bikes. His name was Shomoiko. He did not speak english but we knew that we were brother bikers. I tried to tell him that his bike was cool and that in the United States his bike would be called a "bobber". He did not understand. We smiled allot. We knew that we had something in common, bowed and even shoke hands.

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