Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cool Ideas

Japan is a very clean place. There is a reason it is clean. The reason is that the people make a effort to take care of the environment.

There are vending machines everywhere. The difference between our vending machines and theirs is that there are a huge variety of drinks in Japan and the serving size is much smaller. The typical drink in a vending machine is about 6ozs. compared to our 16 and 20 oz. drinks. Also there are no garbage cans located anywhere. There are recycling bins at the vending machines. If you arer thirsty you go to a vending machine, drink your drink, then despose of it in the recycling bin. People do not walk and drink on the streets. This concept is something for us to think about.

These mirrors are all over the place. Because the roads are so small and narrow the driver can not see around the corner so they use these mirrors. There are probably a half dozen mirrors on every block.

They use these nets to cover the garbage on garbage day. This is to prevent any garbage from blowing away. This is another reason Japan is so clean.

This idea is not unque to Japan but is very cool. In the hotels, the room key is on a stick. The stick is placed in the light switch. To use the lights you must insert the stick. If you leave the room you must take your key with you therefore turning the lights off. Save energy.

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