Sunday, October 08, 2006

Agenda for Monday through Friday

Today, Monday, (it is Sunday in Rugby) we are going to the Jokenji Temple, the Chigasaki City Museum of Art, South Beach, Kamakura, the Great Buddha, and the Hase Temple.

Tuesday, we visit the Mayor of Chigasaki City and the Superintendent of the Chigasaki Board of Education. We will visit Yokohama National University.

Wednesday, we will visit Aletheia Shonan High School.

Thursday, we will visit Chigasaki Daiichi Junior High School.

Friday, we will visit Chigasaki City Midorigahama Elementary School.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Zwingel:

We are wondering which, if any,
other languages are commonly studied in the schools there? Also what are the average temps there for this time of the year?

Thanks! Mrs. Olsen and Spanish amigos!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Z

Looks like you have a busy schedule this week.

I am curious as to what the school day hours are for the high school students in Japan. Also wondering how many days of school do they attend in a year?

Nick Schmaltz

Mr. Z said...

Ohayo gozaimasu Spanish Class,
The only language taught in this school is english. It is very basic and most students do not understand me when I talk. They say, "Good Morning", "Hello", and "Thank You" and that is about it. I need to catch myself when I say "Hi" because it sounds like "hai" which means "yes".

The average temperature in Japan is 17 degrees C.