Wednesday, October 11, 2006

High School 3

This school is six years old.

There are cosmetics on the desk and kids not paying attention in class.

If you look close you will see smiles.

If you look close you will see smiles. Notice my name tag. I decorated it with beads that Mrs. Lindseth gave me. I wanted to promote our Native American culture from North Dakota. The kids were very interested in Native Americans and Bison.

Some kids don't pay attention in class.


Anonymous said...

Mr Z,

Great pictures of the high school. Is this a private school or a public school? As a parent it appears that buying school clothes would be a non-event!

I am guessing that it doesn't get too cold outside there - judging by the full length classroom windows.

Hagen - Are you sending a class via ITV to Japan? JUST KIDDING :) !!!! (pic of napping student)

Nick Schmaltz

Mr. Z said...

This is a private Christian school. I don't have a firm answer about the length of the school year but students told me that they get two weeks off in summer.
The uniform is very expensive but it is easy to decide what to wear in the morning.
Many students do not listen in class. They then attend JUKU, cram school, on Saturdays. It doesn't make much sense to me.
You are an early riser because you respond while I work on the blog. I try to get it done before everyone comes to school. I do appreciate the messages. I wish more would write.

Anonymous said...

I thought that kid in the back looked familiar. It looks like Michael!
(You two can try to figure out which one.)


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your pictures. I'm sharing some for current events in my class. BJB