Thursday, October 05, 2006

Buddhist Temple and Shinto Shrine

We went to a Buddhist Temple and a Shinto Shrine. At the Buddhist Temple you can have your fortune read. In the picture there is a metal container with a hole in one end. There are sticks with japanese writing on them inside the metal box. You turn the metal box until a stick comes out. Once you have the stick you look at the writing on the stick and then match the writing to the symbols on the wood boxes. Inside the matching box you will find your fortune. There is a piece of paper with your fortune in the wooden box. There are 100 fortunes. If you have a good fortune you keep it. If you have a bad fortune you tie it on to the wooden sticks. This is to keep the bad fortune away from you. You can also get good luck by purchasing a good fortune and then set it on fire. You then wisk the smoke over you for good luck.

I received fortune #13 Best Fortune out of 100. Pretty Good!

When spring comes, you will get good fortune.
Just like flowers bloom on old branches, something happy will come.
When spring comes, your life will change to be prosperous just like rice grows. You will be able to reach the highest position.

Your wishes will be realized. A sick person will recover. The lost article will be found. The person you are waiting for will come. It is good to make a trip in spring and summer. Marriage and employment are all good.


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