Wednesday, October 11, 2006

High School 4

Computer class - look at the girls in back.

School cooks. My lunch cost 400 yen (about $4.00). I ordered noodles, vegetables, and pork.

This photo was taken for Ms. Hagen. It is the science lab.

These girls presented us with information about school uniforms. They do not like to wear school uniforms. A uniform set costs about 100,000 Yen. Tuition at the school is 500,000 Yen per year.


Anonymous said...

With the cost of 100,000 Yen for a uniform set - I would hope that the set would include enough garments for every day of the week and then some!


Anonymous said...

The school looks pretty industrial from the outside (looks like concrete?), but the inside looks like a lot of wood. Is that accurate? Did they say anything about building for earthquakes? Do they do earthquake and tornado drills?

Mr. Z said...

The school is six years old and they did say that when it was built that they had to met earthquake building codes. One gentleman commented that in Korea and China these countries do not have earthquake building codes and that these countries are an earthquake away from disaster.

Idon't know how they drill for an earthquake. If you look at the classroom desks there is nothing to get under.

Mr. Z said...

I found out today that they are required to have two fire / earthquake drills each year. I will be posting a picture of a white helmet that is located in each classroom.