Friday, September 29, 2006



Anonymous said...

Mr. Zwingel-
The third graders at Ely Elementary are excited to share information with another third grade class in Japan. We look forward to blogging with you about communities in Japan. We are preparing for your trip by previewing many of the websites you suggested we visit before your trip. Have a safe plane trip on Sunday.
Mrs. Rham and Mrs. Gault's classrooms

Mr. Z said...

Hi Ely Elementary Third Graders!
Thank you so much for the blog post. I am looking forward to the trip and its going to be extra special because I will be able to share the trip with you. I think this is going to be a fun adventure together.

Mr. Z

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Zwingel-
We hope you are doing well after your long plane trip. We are excited to hear from you this week.
The whole class wants to know what city you are in and how large the city happens to be. If you have pictures, please post them. Everyone is interested in what you are eating. Shea wondered if you had been to a school cafeteria and what that was like. Preston wants to know what kind of homework third graders have in Japan? We are talking about communities in our Social Studies class. Our class will be taking digital pictures of our community and then we will be writing about those pictures. Maybe we can send them to you if you would like to show them to students in Japan and the people you are staying with. Hunter wonders if you have an interpretor who goes everywhere with you or does everyone speak English? The whole class wants to know how to say "Good Morning" in Japanese.
That's all for today. Have a good week.
Mrs. Black/Mrs. Gault/Ely Third Graders
P.S. What is the weather like? Yesterday it was 53 degrees but really cloudy and rainy. Today it is supposed to be a bit warmer, maybe 60 degrees. Our class charts the weather every day.

Mr. Z said...

It is rainy here this morning. As I look out the 44th floor of my hotel I can see that it is 16 degrees C. The building across the street has the time and the temperature flashing on a sign. It is 8:11 a.m.
Next Tuesday I will start visiting schools in Chigasaki. I will be in schools Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Next Saturday and Sunday I will meet my host family. They have a 9 year old boy. I will write more about the schools next week.
Most people do not speak english. But many do some words. We use hand expressions and point at things to try to communicate with each other. I smile and nod allot.
The japanese people are very reserved but friendly.
If you send a comment be sure to list your name. I look forward to writing you again. I probably will not have much internet access until I travel to Chigasaki on Monday. Be patient.

I did buy two books for Ely. They are in english but are written by a famous japanese author. There are some very nice pictures in the book. You kids need to read as much as you can because that is how we learn and grow as people. If you read you are able to travel anywhere in the world anddo just fine.

I will write to you later. Go Panthers.